Vocabulary : 29 May 2020


1. Anecdote (उपाख्यान)
Meaning: a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.
Synonyms: story, tale, parable, sketch
Usage: Any competent science reporter knows anecdotes are not data and that one dramatic story proves nothing.

2. Pragmatic (यथातथ्य)
Meaning: dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.
Synonyms: practical, realistic, sensible, logical
Antonyms: impractical, idealistic, unrealistic
Usage: Williams took a more pragmatic approach to manage the problems.

3. Peddle (फेरी लगाना)
Meaning: try to sell (something, especially small goods) by going from place to place.
Synonyms: sell, vend, market, advocate, suggest, urge
Antonyms: buy, purchase
Usage: His attempts to peddle his paintings in the streets of London proved unsuccessful.

4. Eschew (त्यागना, परहेज़ करना)
Meaning: deliberately avoid using; abstain from
Synonyms: avoid, evade, renounce, abstain, give up
Antonyms: embrace, pursue, confront, intervene
Usage: A fair number of academics eschew the simple title “professor” and call themselves economists, astronomers, historians, philosophers.

5. Jostle (ढकेलना)
Meaning: push, elbow, or bump against (someone) roughly, typically in a crowd.
Synonyms: shove, push, thrust, jolt, nudge
Antonyms: pull, ignore
Usage: Everyone glared at the man who jostled to the front of the line.


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